Categorizing a trip

Trips can be categorized as Other (Oth), Business(Biz), Charity(Chrty), Medical and Relocation (Relo). The names may appear as the shorter names in parenthesis on radio buttons on the display because there is less space to display the names on a single line. Touch the radio button listed by the trip to change the category.

The IRS publishes different deductible amounts for each different category of travel. The rates also vary from year to year for the same category. MilesforTax will calculate the deductible about based on the start time of an automated trip or day of travel of a manually entered trip, the distance, and the category of the trip. If the categories that you use your vehicle vary its important to enter the category as soon as possible. MilesforTax cannot automatically infer a category of a trip.
Trips can be categorized from the following screens:
1) Manual input
2) Trip in Progress
3) Post Trip Log
4) Trip Detail
5) Trip log List

You can also export records to a CSV file and then import them into a different application like ms. Excel or database. The categories values are Other, Business, Charity, Medical. A Blank implying there was no category is the same as Other.

Manual Trip Entry Screen

If you are already on the manual editing screen. you will see the trip category radio buttons. Select the option and when you Save the record the trip will be categorized using your choice.

Trip in Progress

Select the "Edit current or previous reading" checkbox and you can change the trip category

Trip Log Listing Screen

Select the "Categories" checkbox and you can change the trip category. The category is saved as soon as it is changed. The default is to show the values however in the MilesforTax settings you can change if the row is displayed by default or not. There is also a setting that will disable changing trips that are more than 5 days old to prevent accidental change in category, when the category buttons are showing

Trip Detail Screen

Select the radio button for the trip category.