Installing the Application

1) From the Google play click on the APP
2) From a web page visible on your phone you can click on the link for the apk file. Some Android phone may not allow you to install this way by default. You can navigate to the settings on your phone and enable this feature.

After you install the app on your phone you will need to enable some permissions:
The following permissions are needed
1) access to use your device - the application uses bluetooth so this is required.
2) Your storage /sdcard. /sdcard/mileage is used to store the mileage database so that between updates you data is not destroyed.
3) Location. The application uses the Gps on your phone.
If you revoke any of these permissions the application may crash unexpectedly.

Uninstalling the Application

1) Navigate to Your phone Settings ... Applications ... Application Manager
2) Scroll down the list - look for MileageTracker or MilesForTax
3) Click on MileageTracker or MilesForTax
4) Select the uninstall button

Note that the database and exported files on your SDCard are not deleted. If you want to delete those you must go to that directory and delete "/sdcard/milesfortax"