MilesForTax ™

General Help

Starting the Application

When you install MilesforTax from Google play there is the option to start it. You can also start it in the normal way other apps are started by tapping the MilesforTax icon.
When you reboot your phone MilesforTax might be started automatically, but you must enable that in the preferences after the application is run the first time.
You start MilesforTax by selecting the launch icon at least once after you restarted your phone.
If this is the first time you started the phone you will need to set your preferences on the settings page and optionally you can set the application to start when the device is rebooted.
Once completed your settings are retained until you uninstall the app or you change them

On this version of MilesforTax you will be prompted to set up a self-service account in order to set your preferences. Self service accounts are described a common way to have an account on a system managed by sending messages to your email or mobile text (sms). Many banks and other institutions use this approach. MilesforTax uses this approach. Basically on order to establish and account or change
the password the server sends a random authorization code to the text or email address you provide and ask you what code was sent. If you are not comfortable with this approach you may not be able to use
the extended features of MilesforTax that depend on this feature. You need a self service account
in order to have backups made on our services or to use automated starter/upgrade features provided
by MileforTax.
The application launches a main activity screen from that activity you can do any of the following mostly by following and responding to the prompts

1) Start and stop the mileage accumulator
2) Enter your mileage from a past trip
3) Set the app to collect mileage when in contact from a paired device (see below)
4) View/edit mileage and places logs
5) Export some mileage data to a CSV file
6) Import some mileage from an existing CSV file
An important feature the application has is to collect mileage when triggered from a paired device. The settings section in MilesforTax (APP) shows you how to set this up.

Stopping Recording a Trip in progress

This is different from terminating the app. If MilesforTax shows a trip is in progress you can terminate the recording of the trip by pressing and holding any of the "Stop" Buttons on that trip in progress page. You need to press and hold to prevent accidentally stopping the recording by tapping the stop button. Once the recording is stopped you will see the appropriate activity to review/store your mileage. Mileage is recorded during the trip to minimize loss of data from a power loss, accidentally stopping MilesforTax or application crash. If you did not want the mileage recorded you must delete the record.

Terminating the Application

Select Terminate on the menu. It will turn off the triggers, and stop the app and interrupt any recording in progress
Please note that trigger service has an option to restart in the background after the phone reboots and MilesforTax may start again when you reboot your device. If you need to disable this feature start on reboot you can disable it in MilesforTax Settings by un-checking the the check box that says "Start MilesforTax on reboot". You can also disable the application from running by using the Application Manager.