Billing, Subscriptions & recurring charges

MileForTax downloaded from Google play services uses the Google Billing API for subscription and recurring charges. Policy answers for the API can be found Subscriptions & recurring charges. The developer does not handle payments.
Before getting too far the features that are activated by subscription are related to auto-start and/or adding mileage new information to the mileage database.
If you already have recorded mileage during a subscription period or a period where you were not billed (such as alpha or beta testing) that data will always be available on your device and you will have access to it via the application or a version of software that supports reading the data. The application or data are not deleted from your device unless you delete them.
During the Alpha program subscription to all alpha users is trial, that is there is no charge for using the software during this period. Users who participate the the alpha program and provide useful feedback may get a complementary subscription. Complementary subscriptions are limited so not all alpha test users may get one.
We use a software life cycle management approach that you may be required to download more recent or the latest copy of the software. This management approach does NOT change the way you are billed for a subscription, although the new version of the software may include additional features with the subscription. After a subscription is terminated the ability to record new information will no longer be available, however the ability to see or export data from the application will continue to work until the application or data is deleted. The life cycle management approach for the application will eventually take over and several newer versions later the data may not be accessible. Please take a moment to export your data to a CSV file to avoid access to your data.

What is in a subscription

When you subscribe the subscription will enable the ability to auto-start the application and record you mileage beyond the trial period. With a subscription related to your google account you can run the application on one device (restriction from Google Play). Devices run independently and the data collected on each device is local to that device. You can transfer the license from any one of the devices to another up to 1 time per 3 month period (work in progress).

Activating a subscription

The steps to activate your subscription is via google play services. You can set recurring a recurring charge and keep that active for as long as you need to record your mileage.

Deactivating or terminating or canceling a subscription

The steps to cancel your subscription by canceling your subscription via google play services. The cancellation may take a while to process via the provider infrastructure and your phone must be on line for the process to complete. If your phone doesn't come on line, the default behavior for unreachable devices may apply. The cancellation is the same as a service down-grade. Note there are refund constrains imposed by Google play services at the end of this document.

Declined payment

Payments declined - Google will notify you by email of the inability to process your credit card. After that there is a 7 day grace period approximately then the product token local in your phone will expire. Your device will then behave as if you deactivated your subscription


Google play services DOES NOT REFUND balances on canceled, downgraded, deactivated or terminated subscriptions. If a subscription is terminated the subscriber will be have paid through the end of the current period and the cancellation will take effect at the end of the current period. If you re-subscribe again before the end of the current period Google play service may not charge you to complete the current period.