Tax Tips

Keep a log

Its always advisable to keep a log of all expenses used in your business, especially if the business will need to provide records to an oversight or a revenue service. MilesforTax may make it easier to capture the mileage. You can export your mileage or generate a paper copy right from your phone. Since there are no special stationary requirements for logs this copy has data that could be used as a log. You get that as part of being a valid user of MilesforTax.

Is your mileage deductible?

Only you as the business owner using the vehicle know the context and the answer to that question. If it turns out that the mileage is deductible MilesforTax may make it easier to capture the mileage and document it.

Tax Information

IRS Web site - US taxpayers

For users that report taxes in US, the IRS is the governing agency. The all tax information including those loaded into miles for tax in the US is available from The web site is helpful in deciding if and/or how to categorize your travel. It also establishes deductible rates which MilesforTax uses for each Tax year.


This application helps by providing an automated way to collect your miles. While this is a reasonable goal it is not a guarantee of service nor does it represent a contract. By using the software you acknowledge that there can be errors associated with collecting data including but not limited to sensor malfunction, sensor error or inaccuracy, environmental error, application failures. Whatever the reason you agree that this does not create or otherwise prevent you from collecting your mileage and the developer is not responsible or required to change the application or its content. If there are software bugs the developer will make attempts to resolve the cause and if possible remedy the situation by fixing the bug at the convenience of the developer. If there are new releases old captured content might not be compatible. The name MilesForTax is an application marketing name name and is not affiliated with any taxing authority.