Terms of Service

Here is a Summary of Our Terms of Use

You must be at least 18 years old to create an account and a legal custodian of your activities on our site.
You agree that we can collect information that is unique an can be considered personal identifying information from using this web site or application associated with it. The information may include but not limited to MAC addresses, IP Addresses, names, addresses email accounts, Gps locations click stream data, page views. You agree also to provide information that is correct and not intended to be misleading.
You agree also that you are providing the information voluntarily and that the information provided by you is needed to provide service, a product or enable a feature of an application that you are using
You agree that you when you provide content on our site the content is being used to help provide a service and that you will not post content without authorization from a credible manager of the website.
You agree that the operator of the site is free of liability beyond the context of the applications intended for use on this site. I.e you will not consider the operator of this site liable for events introduced by others that may affect your ability to use the site or a product related to the site.
You agree that you will not post PII for you or anyone else in the content on this site and when asked for information that can be considered PII only to provide the necessary information needed. Ex. assume an email address is PII. If we ask for you email address - do not put another persons email
You agree that you will not post information pertaining to financial transactions such as credit card numbers in a setting page or a chat or any other channel that is not marked as secure
You agree that we may revoke an account (or cancel it) without notice if we belief that the account is used as a source of fraudulent activity associated with out website
Some of our services can only be used in the United States, and respective territories, that honor the countries trade, tax and copyright agreements. You agree while in countries that do honor trade or tax agreement, you will not access our site. Noting that accessing you account from IP addresses associated with those countries can lead to suspension of your account
You are responsible for protecting your own account as this cooperation is needed to maintain a secure environment for all. Any password and other account information will have appropriate strength to provide deterance to security breaches exposing PII. For example: choosing a password that looks complicated and passes a password screen but is easily associated with you and is easly for an attacker to obtain and use.
We provide secure communications with any transactions that are in progress however - You agree not to store information like credit card information or other codes for financial used to decipher information for other organizations.

Account Creation

You agree that any account you create is your account created solely for the purpose of supporting an application that directed you to this site
Not to use a robotic or automated approached to manage/run accounts - we need to have an understanding of real active users
To use the account to self service an application or feature which you use in good standing
You agree not to use applications or features in such a way as to cause security concerns with entity (other users, operators etc) that use our system
You agree not to use applications or features in such a way as to cause denial or service or degradation of performance of the sites or applications associated with them.

Account Termination

You agree that after a series of account violations that your account can be locked out and may remain in that state until you reinstate it. If you are not able to reinstate the account you agree that operator has the right to delete that account and permanently destroy information associated with it (using the work purged)
You agree that after a period of inactivity due to a lock out or expired password or unconfirmed activation of an account the contents captured on behalf of that account may be purged by an automated way implemented by the provider.
You agree not to hold the operators of the site or application liable for the inability to use this service, on in the case where data was purged no liable for the recreation.
If you are no longer using the account and have no plans to use the applications or account you agree that you will use the option to deactivate your account.
You agree that information collected can be used in the operation of this site, processes and operators affiliated with this site. You also agree that demographic and personal information can be collected and used in product/marketing and engagements that ANSESYSTEMS may use. We do not sell demographic or personal information and you may have rights to the extent of determining what information will or has been collected.

Your Rights

You may have rights to the extent of our privacy policy to determine what information is currently being or has been collected.