What is MilesforTax

MilesforTax is an automatic, install and forget mileage recorder for smart phones and tablets. Its main function is to log vehicle mileage for tax or other reporting purposes.

User Profile/Audience

An typical user of MilesforTax would be a person who wants or needs to track and report their mileage in a vehicle. MilesforTax helps record vehicular mileage that can significantly increase the tax return of the user. The application can be used by anyone who needs to keep track of mileage and travels in a compatible vehicle. You can follow a quick tutorial here. The audience for the help (this document) are those who have installed the Application and need to find out more or need support.

Support, Issue Resolution

For support please send email to: MilesforTax Support

If you used an SMS number to register include SMS number in the email.

If you installed MilesforTax a while ago please check and install updates. We push updates as soon as the issue they address is resolved.

We do not support telephone or text conversations.
Please help our community of users send only support issues related to MilesforTax. Help about general usage is below or there is a quick tutorial here

FAQ (not frequent)

Are your drives are missing:
Users can recover the drives by going to the main screen and using the "Menu" ... "Recover Data" or "Restore Data", then follow the prompts.

MilesforTax does NOT record mileage:
MilesforTax uses the built-in GPS sensor in your phone to measure distances traveled. If the GPS in your phone is off, failing, shielded from getting signals from the GPS satellite network, or application level access to your location is denied MilesforTax will not record your mileage.

You check our Trouble shooting list here

How MilesforTax works

MilesforTax collects data from a GPS or while your smart phone is in or connected to a vehicle. When data is collected from a GPS MilesforTax determines the distance traveled by adding up incremental changes in your location. When connected to a compatible vehicle it can read the ECM via an ODBII port. MilesforTax stores the data so that you can use it to compile expense report, taxes reports or other types reporting. Most people who use their vehicles for business, charity or relocation and who aren't using an automated mileage tracking solution have to make an extra effort to record their mileage. It is often challenging and repetitive to remember or do so when in a multi-purpose vehicle. MilesforTax helps off-load the task or recording the mileage and creates a detail of the drive including date, addresses, total miles driven etc in a file in your smart phone. The data can later be exported to a spreadsheet or sent via email to your accounting facility and if you itemize your expenses for using your vehicle for business a mileage deduction can be a big contributor to your return

Getting Started

You can download and Install the Android version of application from Google Play. Once the application is downloaded and opened, first time users create an MilesforTax account, enter some required information to set it up and they are ready to use MilesforTax.
Accounts can be either your text number (if you are in the US or Canada). Email accounts are preferred for customer support. MilesforTax will send you a validation code at the email or text number you provided. You must use the validation code to proceed in the set up. Once your account is created you can start using MilesforTax. The installation default settings allow you to start using MileforTax with the built in Gps in your smart phone or tablet. No additional hardware or software is required.

After the install all you have to do to record your first and subsequent drives is take your smart phone or table with you when you drive. MilesforTax is semi-state-less so it uses the information you provided when it needs to. You can follow a quick tutorial here.
When running in automatic mode most people will get the drive detail from MilesforTax without having additional actions
Here are some of MilesforTax main features are:

1) Use your GPS enabled smart phone to record distances.
2) Start/Stop automatically when you start you car or start moving in a vehicle or you stop your vehicle.
3) Start/Stop manually (manual intervention in automatic mode)
4) Record or enter mileage manually.
5) Use bluetooth or a compatible ODBII scanner (separate item) to record miles from your vehicle.
6) Editing/amend/delete capability for the drive information recorded - visual capability.
7) Runs as a background task so you don't have to worry about it when you are driving (shows a notification on most phone).
8) Easy on-screen categorization of drives (during or after drive).
9) Dialog driven context sensitive input to minimize effort on data entry
10) Reports to email as CSV, PDF as attachment or to file use consolidating systems.
11) Several configurable options including easy-access-off switch incase you want to turn it off.

The application is not a diagnostic tool and cannot change the way your vehicle behaves or what is recorded in your vehicle.

Benefits of Using MilesforTax

If you are a business owner, and investor, a contractor (or an employee in some states), anybody who has to drive a personal vehicle to generate income then you can claim the mileage expense as an expense against that income. In the US the average driver drives about 13500 miles a year, and if 10000 of those miles were driven for business they could be worth 5300 off your adjusted income!. You may even be surprised by the drives and mileage that slip and never get remembered or reported.

1) MilesforTax records all detected drives (so those you don't remember are reported)
2) MilesforTax is an automated hands-off way to collect mileage.
3) You don't have to do anything further other than get in your vehicle and go when you need to be.
4) MilesforTax is a low cost easily attained solution to expense reporting
5) Your drive expense is available 24x7x365 on your phone
6) At tax time you will have you driving record available
7) If you get audited you will have documentation (assuming you have allowed the app to work).
Before getting too far please read our disclosures and privacy policy about information collected by the app and how it is used.

Help Topics

Installing and uninstalling
Starting and stopping
Configuring and settings
Collecting mileage
Categorizing trips
Trouble shooting
Data export and import
Tax information
Subscriptions and recurring charges